Assessment Committee (Inactive)

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Committee Description

The principal function of the Assessment Committee is to serve as the primary oversight body for the College’s assessment of student learning. As such, the Assessment Committee is responsible for oversight of four primary assessment mechanisms: 1) monitoring the ongoing development of the Departmental and Program Self-Study process; 2) evaluating the Distribution Requirements’ effectiveness in helping students achieve the associated learning outcomes; 3) providing guidance to the Office of Institutional Research in the ongoing development of the Senior Project Assessment; and 4) monitoring and reporting on surveys and other assessment data as they pertain to student achievement of the Institutional Learning Outcomes. In addition, the Committee provides guidance and/or recommendations to improve these four assessment tools, and serves as a resource to facilitate communication among the faculty and administration about assessment-related initiatives and projects.

Current Members

Chris Finaret, Convener
Doros Petasis
Joseph Tompkins

updated 03/08/2024