Faculty Review

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Committee Description

To make recommendations to the President in matters of tenure, promotion, and appealed NTTR appointments in accordance with the faculty appointment guidelines and promotion guidelines approved by the Faculty and the Board of Trustees.

The Committee’s specific responsibilities are:
  • To administer, through the Office of the Dean of the College, the process by which faculty are considered for tenure, three-year appointment, and promotion;
  • To consider evidence submitted by departments and other sources that bears on the qualifications of the faculty who have been nominated or are otherwise eligible for tenure, three-year appointment, and promotion;
  • To recommend to the President, through a formal vote of the elected members, appropriate action on each eligible candidate.

Details on the membership of the Committee can be found in the 2023-2024 Faculty Handbook, Committees on Faculty Review, Curriculum, Assessment, and Research: Faculty Review Committee, section 3.2.4

Current Members

  • Shannan Mattiace
  • Becky Dawson
  • Janyl Jumadinova
  • Reem Hilal
  • John Miller
  • Barbara Shaw

updated 1/29/2024