Finance and Facilities Committee

Minutes and Documents

Committee Description

The principal functions of this Committee are to participate in the determination of general financial and facilities planning policy for the College and to serve as a liaison between Administration, Faculty and Staff on financial matters.

 Current Members

() = number of years served on the committee

Faculty (3 year staggered)

  • Adele Poyner (1), Fall 2018 Convener
  • PJ Persichini (.5)
  • River Branch
  • Mia Finaret
  • David Statman

Administrators and Staff (4 year staggered)

  • Ruth Dunton (Term ends May 2020)
  • Sueann Mercier (Term ends May 2020)
  • Aimee Reash (Term ends May 2020)
  • Rhonda Hershelman (Term ends May 2022)

Four students (2 year staggered) appointed by ASG

Executive Vice President and Provost

  • Eileen Petula, Co-Chair
  • Ron Cole

Consultants and non-voting

  • Natasha Eckart
  • Brian Gillette
  • Jennifer Mangus
  • Linda Wetsell
  • Cliff Willis

Co-chairs Executive Vice President & faculty member selected for a 1-year term

  • Eileen Petula

updated 10/04/2018