Academic Support Committee (ASC) Funding Guidelines

All full-time continuing faculty can apply for funding from the committee to support specific projects. Awards are limited to $3,500.

Faculty can also apply for up to $500 in Supplemental Research Funding (SRF) outside of the typical November 1 and February 15 funding cycles. A description of the SRF and the terms under which it is granted can be found in the guidelines below.

Academic Support Committe (ASC)  Online Application

Guidelines for Applying for Academic Support Committee Grants and Pre-tenure and Sabbatical Leaves

Academic Support Committee (ASC) Grant Report Submission Form


Funding Limit Guidelines:

1. Academic Support Committee (ASC) funds are typically granted for start-up projects or works-in-progress, as opposed to completed projects.

2. The following ceilings represent guidelines for funding:

  • $3,500 per faculty member in a given fiscal year for all funding requests
  • $7,500 total in a 5-year period for a given faculty member.

3.  When faced with comparable proposals, the priority for funding is as follows:

  • highest priority:  faculty on sabbatical leave
  • second: tenure-track but untenured faculty
  • third:  tenured faculty, non-sabbatic
  • fourth:  non-tenure track faculty
  • lowest:  faculty travel to meetings to give papers

Within these categories, proposals that have a well developed plan, and a clearly defined outcome will be given preference.

Note: All receipts for reimbursement for funding must be submitted during the fiscal year for which the award was made.  If this is not possible, alternative arrangements must be made through the Associate Provost’s Office prior to the end of the fiscal year.