Caflisch Hall

From Conception to Demolition

From The Campus

The emotional demolition of the Caflisch dormitorySeptember 1, 2023
Binnington discusses future of Caflisch site at ASGOctober 6, 2023
Time capsule discovered in rubble of Caflisch HallNovember 10, 2023

“Spent senior year (’90-’91) in Caflisch as RD. Beautiful from the outside, but wonky on the inside. So many great memories of the people in Caflisch, especially the res life staff. Looking forward to more green space on campus!” — Amy Pszczolkowski

Time Capsule

A time capsule dating back to 1928 was discovered during the demolition of Caflisch Hall containing building plans for Caflisch and Arter Hall, Meadville city meeting minutes, Meadville’s Tribune Republic newspaper, and an Allegheny College course catalog for the 1927-28 school year. The time capsule is held in special collections in the Lawrence Lee Pelletier Library, and is available to view by appointment only.

“My husband and I realized, 20 years into our marriage, that we had lived in the same quad on the 3rd floor, 2 years apart, before we dated. Great memories of coming back from class to find my mother in the commons area “just resting her eyes” on our beaten up couch. She’d surprise me by showing up unannounced for my dance and theater performances, circa 1987. So long, Caflisch” — Jennifer Nassar Dohr

“Many memories from my 2 years living there. Watched so many beautiful sunsets from my bedroom window. I filmed my very first video project in that basement. To a better space and new memories!” — Kassandra K.