Winter 2013

Welcome to the Winter 2013 edition of Allegheny magazine. Our cover photo comes courtesy of college photographer Bill Owen ’74 who caught up with former and current members of the Geology Department as they explored Cora Clark Park near Meadville during Homecoming Weekend 2013. Inside you’ll find staff writer Heather Grubbs’ story on Allegheny’s innovative health coaching program which partners with Meadville Medical Center to monitor the progress of patients who have been discharged from the hospital. The program has shown that it reduces the number of patients who require further hospitalization. Other colleges are initiating health coaching programs based on the Allegheny experience. Also, we spotlight the generous gift from the Hon. Jack K. Mandel ’58 of his World War I poster collection. We’re also happy to share a love story that started on campus in the 1980s and blossomed again 25 years later. Of course, you can catch up with the accomplishments of hundreds of alumni as celebrated in ClassNOTES!