College Committees

This is the official college committee site maintained by the Merrick Archives.  Content for each committee listed to the right includes:

  • Brief committee description and current list of committee members and chair
  • Link to DSpace site(s) for committee minutes and other committee DSpace collections
  • Link to forms for DSpace submissions

For any other committee page needs beyond those listed above, please submit your request to Jesse Lavery (College Relations) here.

Using Committee Collections in DSpace

Links from the Committee page  go directly to the DSpace collection for that committee. Login is required to view  committee minutes (email login and password).  Minutes are listed under each committee name, and are full-text searchable within and across committees.  All committee documents posted on DSpace are available to the Allegheny College community (faculty, staff and students)

Submitting Committee Minutes and Attachments

Please deliver your approved committee minutes and attachments to the Archives in electronic format in a timely manner using this form.  PDF is the preferred document format; however, other formats are accepted.

Submit all attachments with the appropriate minutes, including documents/reports originating from other committees.  Reports from other committees and offices are posted with each committee involved as they are submitted.

Should you make any post-approval corrections to the minutes, please alert Archives and send the amended documents to be posted on DSpace.

Committees are responsible for assuring that no confidential information is included in the documents they send to Archives.  If you have sensitive documents as part of committee business, please consult with Archives and other relevant campus offices about how they can be preserved yet restricted.

Policies and Procedures

Minutes and their attachments or other official committee documents will be posted to the College’s DSpace site, with links from the Committee pages.  They will be listed under each committee name, and will be full-text searchable within and across committees. All committee documents posted on DSpace will be available to the Allegheny College community (faculty, staff and students).

Login will be required to view any committee minutes (email login and password)

Existing minutes from at least the last three years that have been available through the Allegheny website are now on DSpace.   If you cannot find minutes you need, please consult the Archivist.

Committees may wish to maintain other websites to distribute current news, forms, procedural information, etc.  Such pages are the responsibility of the committee.  If you wish to have a link to a committee website on the official committee page, please contact Jesse Lavery in College Relations.

updated 11/11/2016