Administrative Advisory Committee

Committee Description

The Administrative Advisory Committee (AAC) is elected to communicate the interests and opinions of exempt (salaried) employees and acts as a liaison to the Administrative Executive Committee (AEC). The committee is comprised of thirteen exempt employees. Representatives are elected by their peers to serve a two-year term of office. AAC meets regularly and members of the campus community are welcome to attend.

Current Members

Cluster 1:

  • Kristen Mook
  • Lenee McCandless

Cluster 2:

  • Marian Sherwood
  • Aimee Reash

Cluster 3:

  • Andrew McMillen
  • Sean O’Connor

Cluster 4:

  • Rebecca Guanzon
  • Kelly Boulton

Cluster 5:

  • Heather Grubbs
  • Sueanne Mercier, President

Cluster 6:

  • Beth Curtiss, Vice President
  • Ashley Hughes, Treasurer

New Member Cluster:

  • Sam Avery, Secretary

updated 09/08/2017