Academic Standards and Awards Committee

Committee Description

The principal function of this committee is to make certain that students meet the academic requirements established by the faculty.

Dean’s Exemption Committee: A special subcommittee of the Academic Standards and Awards Committee is empowered by faculty to adjust a student’s academic program and requirements. Normally this subcommittee deals with waivers of regulations; its decisions are individual and are not considered as establishing precedent.

Current Members

Faculty Representatives

  • Greg Kapfhammer,  Fall 2019 Convenor
  • Kalé Haywood
  • Byron Rich
  • Jon Wiebel

Administrative Representatives

  • Ian Binnington, Registrar
  • April Thompson, Dean of Students
  • Debbie Zinz, Associate Registrar

Student Representatives

  • Alex Graf
  • Tin Le
  • Laura Timber

Non Voting Consultants

  • ASG Secretary of Education

updated 09/06/2019