Senior Project

The most important component of our major is the College-wide requirement of the Senior Project, where students are expected to research and write as historians.  Every Alleghenian completes a Senior Comprehensive Project (known as the “Comp”), a significant piece of original work, designed by each student and a faculty advisor, that demonstrates to employers and graduate schools the ability to complete a major assignment, to work independently, to analyze and synthesize information and to write and speak persuasively.


Due Dates:

In the Department of History, the first chapter of a student’s Senior Comprehensive Project is due the 2nd Tuesday of each semester and the final project is due the 12th Wednesday of each semester.

Semester First Chapter Due Date Final Project Due Date
Fall 2018 September 11 November 14
Spring 2019 January 28 April 3
Fall 2019 September 10 November 13
Spring 2020 January 27 April 1
Fall 2020 September 8 November 11
Spring 2021 February 2 April 7
Fall 2021 September 7 November 10
Spring 2022 February 1 April 6
Fall 2022 September 13 November 16
Spring 2023 January 31 April 5