Project Titles & Abstracts

Fall 2023

Rudra Schultz-Ray
The Lasting Impact of Roman Infrastructure on the Use of Black Pepper in Europe

Spring 2023

Victoria Balboa
The Impact of Fertilizer Runoff and the Clean Water Act in Corn, Rice, and Soybean Production along the Mississippi River, and their connection to the Gulf Dead Zone

Megan M. Foley
Alternative Religions: The Role of Government Intervention in Religious Freedom

Michael J. Gartland
The Cuban Revolution: Forgetting Gender Equality

Brett M. Horn
Policing Schools: The Rise of School Police and the School-To-Prison Pipeline

Ella M. Horner
Lizzie Borden: Gender, Media, and the American Justice System

David H. Lawson
Western Non-State Actors in the Taiping Civil War, 1860-1864

Daniel Logue
To What Extent Did Richard Nixon’s “Law and Order” Policies Create a Culture of Vigilantism in Law Enforcement and Corrections

Kenna E. Marblestone
Female Secrets: Reproductive Autonomy and its Relation to Women’s Agency from 1742 through 1820

Kai M. Maries
Real Men Don’t Cry: The Reconstruction of Grief and Mourning under the lens of Stoicism from Antiquity to the Neoclassical Period

Richard Ofori
An Investigation on the Rise of Anti-Americanism in Iraq

Davis M. Piazza
The Toll of the Old World: Smallpox and Healthcare in the Viceroyalty of Peru

Hallie B. Reiger
A Functionalist Explanation for The Final Solution and the Perpetrators of the Holocaust

Gabriel J. Schwartz
The Russo-Japanese War and the Impact of the Japanese Navy

Jacob J. Schwarzbach
Hoover’s Bureau: How He Shaped the Image of the FBI, 1924-1938

Kendal C. Tesch
Exploring Arab American Roots within America’s Borders

Samuel D. Vuich
Rodnovery and Slavic Identity

Rebecca J. Winton
The Power of Silence: Understanding the History of Postpartum Health Care in the United States

Kelly M. Wright
Pirates or Privateers? The mislabeling of sailors from the Barbary Coast

Spring 2022

Nicholas A. Ayres
Religions of the Volksgemeinschaft: How Three Christian Churches were similar in their Interpretations

Jack Barron-Sluga
Canada in World War II: Understanding Its Distinct and Important Role in World War II

Chloe K. Butcher
Caviar, Champagne, and Kung Pao Chicken: Culinary History’s Role in Assimilation, Acceptance, and Identity in American History

Gabrielle V. Culotta
The Whitewashing Narrative of Black American History in 20th-Century Education

Michael Fernandez
Historical Treatment of the Fourteenth Amendment and Provided Reasoning for The Warren Court’s Restricted Judicial Activism

Benjamin G. Gantrish
Foreign Involvement in the American Revolution

Aidan J. Hoesch
Palestinian Growth From its Shared History with Zionism

Kevin C. Long
The Potential of Immigrants to Exert Political Influence on Their Host Countries

Rebecca L. Newton
The Pop Culture Cult of Democracy: Observing American Anti-Communism in the Postwar Period Through Film

William T. Visnic
“Native Excellence: A Post-Colonial Reading of Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea”

Fall 2021

Abdikadir Lugundi
The Pittsburgh Bantu: History, Resettlement and Racialized Integration

Maximus J. Levinsky
A Jewish Justice: Interdisciplinary Explorations of Jewish Values and the American Judiciary

Spring 2021

Nate Beard
Weaponized Landscapes: Case Studies of United States Wartime Tactics of Strategic Environmental Destruction and Forced Urbanization

Jacob P. Brooke
Gettysburg Through a Lens of Terrain and Topography

Cameron A. Fisher
Motorized vs. Foot Patrol and the Effects on Public Perception on Law Enforcement

Autumn R. Foreman
“For Thanne Th’Apostle Seyth That I am Free / To Wedde, a Goddes Half, Wher Liketh Me”: Womanhood and Agency in Chaucerian England Through the Lens of the Wife of Bath

Shae L. Harrison
Women of the Civilizing Mission: An Analysis of Women’s Agency in the Context of French Imperial North Africa

Emily M. Miller
“An Object of Her Jealousy”: Gender Oppression in the Americas during the Early Eighteenth and Mid-Nineteenth Centuries

Chelsea V. Pietrzycki
Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: American Sex Education in the Mid-1900’s Modern Implications on Virginity Culture

Emily K. Rathbun
Under the Corset: An Applied History of America’s High-Heeled Hell Raisers

Kristian H. Snyder
The Erie Canal and its Influence on Religious and Social Reform Movements in the Burned Over District

Cameron J. Somma
The Enlightenment, the Middle Class, and Differing Expectations: Causes of the Reign of Terror

William J. Sutherland
The 1918 Pandemic and its legacy in relation to Pittsburgh, Meadville, and Covid 19

Nick D. Tarasi
The History of Integration in Major League Baseball

Nicholas A. Woronchuk
“Parasitoid Wasps, Polydnaviruses, and Lepidopterans: An Introduction to the Complexities of Symbiosis, and a Brief History of Symbiosis”

Summer 2020

Emily A. Doherty
Consent of the Governed: Women’s Interactions with the Law in 18th Century Tidewater Virginia

Spring 2020

Dominic Antinozzi
Danse Macabre: The Black Death Through the Global Health Lens

Taylor L. Black
“Bittersweet, Sly, Uncontrollable Creature”: How Ancient Greek Women Derived Individual Agency Through Their Sexualities, As Represented in Various Mediums

Robert V. Crowe
Labor-Managed Firms in Yugoslavia: An Economic and Historical Analysis

David C. Heiner
The Legacy of WWI and Freikorps Ideology on Nazi Heim ins Reich and the Eastern Question

Kenneth Hines
Today Was A Good Day: The Deterioration of South Central Los Angeles, 1980-1992

Robin K. Laurinec
Bloody Skyscrapers: Chicago and the Rise of Urban Serial Killing

Devon E. Lawton
Islamophobia: A Legacy of Prejudice in Western Literature

Bethany L. Schwartz
Beyond a “Good Wife”: Uncovering the Everyday Lives of Women in Colonial America

Rory B. Simpson
Dismantling an Outdated and Inapplicable Precedent: Corporate Personhood

Ethan D. Smith
Conflict in the Subcontinent: The South African War and the Creation of the Union of South Africa

Brady R. Spaulding
Take Our Land, Deny Us Our Culture, and Compromise Our Religious Freedom – Native American Indians

Graham Tufts
Nothing New Under the Sun: The Origins and Effects of the Chicago Boys’ Neoliberalism

Fall 2019

Lena N. Gemmer
Nazi Ideology on Trial

Keegan J. Phillips
Forty-One Shots, Twenty Years Later: A Critical Reexamination

Henry D. Sutter
Commitment to Commemoration: Comparative Case Studies of post-1989 Holocaust Memorialization in Berlin

Spring 2019

Zachary M. Canali
The Hasidim: Spiritual Jews of Eighteenth Century Poland

Thomas F. Cantarella
Caesar’s War: A Comparison of the Different Accounts of the Roman Civil War

Vincent M. Carone
Blood or Soil? Environmentalism and the Third Reich

Carolyn R. Conedera
It’s Mourning in America: The California Gay Community’s Response in the Face of an Administration’s Neglect

Sherrell K. Daley
The Deadliest Decade: A South Bronx Story

Blake D. Learn
Rejecting Revolution: The Disillusioned Masses During the Cultural Revolution

Zeyu (Tony) Liu
Black Market in Mao’s China

Ian R. McNertney
The Weimar Surrender to Nazism: How Radical Populism Seizes Power in Democracies

Dean (Robbie) Phillips
Social Mentalities and the History of the Death Penalty Abolition in the Nineteenth Century America

Taylor M. Polanichka
The Devil’s Effect: A Look into Hysteria as an Explanation of the Salem Witchcraft Craze

Tyler J. Stouffer
Stalingrad: The Pivotal Battleground of World War II

Mark (Alex) Venezia
A Philosophy of Respect & A Legacy of Freedom: An Examination of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Response to the Civil Rights Advancements in the 1950s

Alex J. Weidenhof
“Streets a Battle Ground”: Racial Violence in Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1911–1919, and the Limits of Southern Exceptionalism

Fall 2018

Jesse F. Jordon
Education Policy and Socioeconomic Status in Reagan’s America

Robyn M. Katona
Via Appia: The Ancient Road That Led From Rome, Constructing a Trend of Political and Social Communications

Jennifer N. Rodriguez
A Scourge on the World: The Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Responses to the Black Death in the Iberian Peninsula

Rachel L. Slotterback
The Effects of Contemporary Social Science of the Mid 20th Century on Brown v. Board of Education

Carter A. Swegman
The Scarcity of Black Ice Hockey Players in North America

William B. Wagoner
A Critique of the Federal Government: U.S. Drug Regulation Throughout the 20th Century and Effects on Minority Populations

Sam H. Zucker
Diaspora Nation: Jewish Spiritual Nationalism as a Response to Russian Pogroms

Spring 2018

Christopher E. Brindle
The Once and Future Duke: Henry of Grosmont

Justin T. Eicher
In the Shadow of Memory: Understanding the Popular Historical Memory of Civil War General William T. Sherman

Madeline L. Hernstrom-Hill
Women in the Twelfth Century Levant

Jack Horan
Barbarians Among the Romans: The Rise of Foreign Mercenaries in the Roman Army

Niall A. Kneerim
Revolutionary America: A Nation Forged in the Heart of the Continental Army

Andrew Murphy
“A Foreigner in My Own Land:” Tejano Identity in a Changing Texas, 1821-1846

Monica Sortino
A Calamitous Century: John of Rupescissa’s Prophecy and Alchemy during the Black Death and Hundred Years War

Joseph R. Tingley
A War of the Mind: Shell Shock and the Role of the Royal Army Medical Corps During the First World War

Matthew C. Williard
True Americans: Loyalists Fighting for Liberty Before, During, and After the American Revolution

Fall 2017

Daniel Denlinger
The Quest for Iranian Modernity: From Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Through the Reign of Ayatollah Khomeini

Matthew Quesenberry
Robert E. Lee in Confederate War and Southern Memory:  1863-1885

Ariana Sabatini
Historical Relationships in Rust Belt America: An Analysis of How Nietzsche’s “Uses and Abuses” Can Illuminate Contemporary Struggles in the Rust Belt

Spring 2017

Matthew Aurin
The Reasons for the Cultural Revolution

Dylan Bish
Smuggling in Eighteenth-Century New Granada

Eric D. Brill
The Shafer Commission and the Effect of Conservative Ideology on the Republican Party and Richard Nixon’s War on Drugs

Parker Codd
A Dying Breed: Why U.S. Army Paratroopers are Being Phased Out of Modern Warfare

Laura F. Cooper
“Ils Vinrent en Allies et Nous Quitterent en Amis”: An Examination of the Collective Memory of World War I in France and America and the Centennial Commemoration of Base Hospital No. 8 in Savenay, France

Meredith Dreistadt
Do You Hear the People? The Construction of the People of the 1789 French Revolution

Louis Feher-Peiker
“Yesterday Today and Forever:” Exploring the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Incorporated’s Ideological Social-Impact in Denver, Colorado – 1920-1926

Danielle Flexer
Representing Mr. John Adams

Patrick Hollenbeck
Let the Games Begin: The Role that Corruption, Sports, Politics, and Propaganda Play in Shifting the Historical Meaning of the Olympic Games over Time

Andrew Hopf
Turn On, Tune In: Dismantling the Mythos of the ’70s Sitcom

Sofia Kaufman
The Supremes: How the Death of Liberty of Contract Led to Increased Tandem Polarization and Changed Supreme Court Nominations

Joshua Knupp
The Deification of Men: A Comparison Between the Personality Cults of Mao Zedong and Adolf Hitler

Kevin McIntyre
Taking Action Into Their Own Hands: The Struggle for African American Freedom and Citizenship During the Civil War and Reconstruction

Emily Rajakovich
The Role of Legal and Social History in Evaluating Presidential War Time Decisions

Victoria A. VanVleet
A Hundred Years of Denial: A Study on Turkey’s Treatment of the Armenian Genocide

Evan Zabriski
Mao Zedong’s & Deng Xiaoping’s Educational Legacy

Alec Zamet
Louis XVI: The Decision That Lead to Death

Fall 2016

Justin Broyles
The Fissures of Revolution: A Comparative Analysis of the American Revolution, French Revolution and their Relationship to Modern Day America

Ian Edwards
Saving the Soul of a Nation

Zachary Hale
American Phantom: The Union Veteran’s Post-War Experience

Patrick Orr
The Trial of Joan of Arc: Judicial Misconduct

Quintin Peacock
A Woman’s City: The Dynamic of Women’s Social Reform within Rochester, NY between 1820-1920

Robinson F. Whitaker
Textbook History: A Comparative Analysis of U.S. History Survey Textbook Narratives of Slavery and Their Representations of Shifts in Historical Inquiry Between 1950 and 2010

Spring 2016

Kevin Caler
The Crowning of a Democracy: The Role of the Spanish Monarchy in the Democratization of Spain

Walter Cowles-Costigan
The Boar who came out of Windsor: The Intersection of Chivalric Legacy and the Realities of Warfare in the First Phase of the Hundred Years War, 1337-1360

Alex Dow
Dying Days: The Narratives and Rhetoric that Emerged From America’s Ordeal with Spanish Influenza

Stephanie Engel
Screwed Out of History: Re-Evaluating Che! in the Contemporary American Theatre Canon

Joshua Gentile
Otto I’s Territorial and Cultural Warfare: 10th Century Incompatibility Between Otto and the Slavs

Rachael Gottlieb
Is Punk Dead? The Ordeal of Pussy Riot and Western Ideals of Dissent and Activism

Justin Kallams
Medical Ethics: The Development of the Current Ethical Landscape within the United States

Jacob Landau
Sand and Snow: Legitimacy, Peasantry, and the Historiography of the Russian and Mexican Revolutions

Abby Lombard
“Under Fire”  Pennsylvania’s Volunteer Fire Departments and Post-World War II Social Change

Marlana Margaria
“We’re on the Eve of Destruction:” Myth, Memory, and the Search for the Origin of SDS

Shanile McPherson
Privileged Space; How the Domestic Violence Sheltering System is Failing Marginalized Women

Maya E. Metzger
The Downfall of Deus lo Volt: The Fracture of the Ruling Class of Nobility in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, c. 1163-1187

Andrew Sestina
Lincoln’s Military Mind

Joseph Winkler
Old Yew: The Value of the English Longbow in the Hundred Years War

Fall 2015

Kelsey Angeli
The Spanish Seamen in the Sixteenth Century

Taylor Shaw
Sharing the Field: The Integration of College Football and the Southeastern Conference

Brandon Smith Jr.
Marginalized: How the Civil Rights Era Marginalizes Black History

Charles Tyler Triolo
Defining and Interpreting Latin American Greatness: The Hero, Caudillo, Intellectual, and Symbol

Spring 2015

Heather Baumeister
Rewriting the Old South: Iconic Identities of the Antebellum Southern Elite Planter Class, 1790-1860

Cecilia M. Bruni
“The Lavender Menace:” The Complicated Relationship between Feminism and Lesbianism in the Second Wave of Feminism

Morgan Daley
Why Build a Navy? Navy and Maritime Policy from 1790-1815

Alexis Eldridge
Horse Culture and Equestrianism in 14th Century Europe

Julian Henderson
Negro Baseball and Entrepreneurship: History of Cumberland Posey and Gus Greenlee

Dalton Johnson
Into the Night: George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and the Early Icelandic Night Time

Will Kawalec
How the West Won the War: Union Dominance in the Western Theater of the Civil War and its Direct Link to a Northern Victory

Jessie Lamb
Transcending Jim Jones: The Life and Death of the Peoples Temple Community

Kushtrim Miftari
The Forgotten Feminists: Older, White, Middle Class Women’s Participation in the American Labor Force and their Defiance of Societal Gender Norms, 1945-1963

Kaitlin O’Brien
The Jurisprudence of Justice Jackson: Why National Security Trumped Individualism During the McCarthy Era

Joseph Olivia
The Forgotten Members of the Black Panther Party: The Gender Politics and Women Leaders of the Black Panthers

Zachary Palmer
“To Block a Sword Thrust at the Heart of the North” Reexamining the Gettysburg Campaign as The High Tide of the Confederacy

Elena Potts
Prostitute to Artist: How the Allied Occupation of Japan Transformed the Status of Geisha

Zachary Rodgers
Unethical Human Experimentation in the Mid-Twentieth Century

Timi Sgouros
Margaret of Anjou: Queen and Mother at the Loveday of 1458

Mary Grace Warren
The Trial of La Pucelle: Political Motivations for Judicial Misconduct

Annabel Zinn
American Protestantism and Commercial Culture: Friends or Foes?

Fall 2014

Gordon Day
Mao Zedong: A Liberator or Tyrant of China? (1880-1976)

Samuel Flowers
Reconsidering Abraham Lincoln: Reevaluating the Legacy of America’s Sixteenth President

Jessica L. Gruber
The Inseparable Separate Spheres:  Northern Middle-Class Women and the Fight for Women’s Rights and Equality, 1850-1880

Scott Keefer
Bleacher Bums and Black Belt Fans: Social Divisions and the Cubs-White Sox Rivalry, 1871-1921

Zachary Mosel
Reshaping the Underworld of America: How Atlantic City Fostered the Future of Organized Crime 1918-1941

Anthony Tebaldi
Francis of Assisi: The Great Rebellion

Marcus Webster
“Free Now”: Anti-Miscegenation and the Chesapeake

Spring 2014

Samuel Hyun
Stokely Carmichael: The Transition from Non-Violence to Violence in Self-Defense

Lauryn Reiff
“Determined to Prove a Villain”: An Examination of Richard III’s Character in History and on the Stage

Bryan Benhart
American Impact on WWI

Kyle Davis
The Art of English Warfare: Strategy and Tactics, 1337-1360

Thomas D. DeAscentis
The Rise of a Great Power: America’s Emergence on the Global Stage

Claire Sullivan
Collective Memory and the Vietnam War Era: The Shifting Image of the Vietnam Veteran through Personal Narratives and Televisual Reproductions

Sarah M. Lerch
Educating a Gentleman: The Evolution of the Classical Education of the Antebellum Southern Male Planter Elite at South Carolina College, 1800-1860

Austin R. Rock
The Saddlebag Preacher and the Fighting Parson of the American Revolution: The Face of a Changing Lutheranism in North America

Jared Wyda
Medieval Renegades: Mercenary Companies and the Decline of Chivalry

Alison Buzzard
Beyond the Code: Chivalry and its Implications in Fourteenth Century France

Joseph Pierce
The Launch Pad: A Better Deal for African Americans

Mary Bonacchi
A Southerner, a Professor, and a Progressive: Woodrow Wilson’s Multifaceted Approach to the American Presidency

Sumner Beal
Father and Son Relationships in Early Colonial America: A Case Study of Increase and Cotton Mather

Rachel C. Kosla
Knocked Up and Knocked Down: America’s Treatment of Unwed Mothers, 1945-1960

Stephanie Marchincin
Margaret Sanger: Birth Control Activist and Public Health Visionary

Bridget K. Hubbard
Suffering and Self-Sacrifice in Ireland’s Collective Memory: The Hunger Strikes of Terrence MacSwiney and Bobby Sands

Haley E. Moorman
Efficiency of Chemical Regulation as examined through the Biological and Historical study of Flame Retardants

Sarah Klein
Under the Shadow of War: Propaganda in Cuba, Spain and the United States during the Era of the Spanish American War

Emily Capone
Media, Politics, and the Olympic Games

Matthew Mucci
Paving the Way for Oligopoly: Assessing the Impact of Airline Deregulation in the 1970s

Fall 2013

Elizabeth Krochka
“Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Kit Carson and the Rise of the Iconic Frontier Image in American Culture”

Kristina Martin
“The Marshall Plan:  American Involvement in the Restabilization of Western Europe 1948-1952”

Hillary Baughman
“Dynasticism Within the Neville Family During the Fifteenth Century”

Abby W. Beerman
“The Role of Resistance in Medical Progress”

Kyle Smith
“Saladin’s Jihad in the 12th Century”

Spring 2013

Sarah E. Barlow
“Twentieth Century War and Evolution of Liberal Arts of Education at Allegheny College”

Matthew A. Bocchi
“Courtesans of Venice: Social Fluidity in the Time of Renaissance”

Timothy Croskey
“Die Herrnhuter: Moravians Among the Indians and the Gnadenhutten Massacre of 1782”

Jeffrey Dassner
“Democracy’s Darkest Hour: The Internment of Italian, German, and Japanese Americans in the United States During World War II”

Jacob Forstyk
“Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement”

Marisa Halm
“Creating a Nazi: The Influence of the Hitler Youth on the Male German, 1933-1945”

Brennan T. Hamilton
“The Meeting of Heaven and Earth: The Lay Construction of Seville’s Holy Week”

Alexa Hight
“Women, Marriage, and Money: Jane Austen’s Representations of Women’s Choices in Marriage in Pride and Prejudice Persuasion”

Lauren Karl
“A Pioneer for Women”

James Ketterer
“The Greatest Ballad Ever Written: Progressive Era, Hermann, Biggs, and Public Health Reform”

Abigail I. Kmiecinski
“June 1976: The Intersection of Liberation, Education, and Powerful Young Generation in Soweto, South Africa”

Aaron N. Ledbetter
“Transforming American Military Medicine: How the Civil War Fostered an Elite Profession”

Patrick A. Lynch
“The American Reaction to Communism: 1945-1954”

Daniel Marcus
“Race and Culture in the NBA”

Michael Person
“Land and Power: The Collapse of Native American Life in Colonial New England”

Amy Pinc
“Order Through Witchcraft: The North Berwick Trials”

David Thachik
“Nothing but Envy and Malice: The Curious Case of John Godfrey”

Fall 2012

James Baker
“A Cantorian Set History”

Hannah Davis
“The Widely Unexplored Role of Privileged Prisoners in the Nazi Death and Concentration Camps”

Corey Groh
“Hero, King, God”

Jocelyn Levis
“Discovering Independence: Elite Plantation Women’s Identity in the Civil War South”

Alex Perlman
“Forging His Own Path: John Dickinson and Revolutionary America”

Laura Seifiert
“Women in the Nazi Concentration Camps”

Kyle Starkey
“Germany and the Reformer: Martin Luther’s Effects on German Nationalism from the Protestant Reformation”

Haley Woodman
“The Captive Heart: Morality in European Adoptees of the Iroquois Indians”

Spring 2012

Kerry Bornstein
“From Socialite to Suffragist: The Evolution of Alva Belmont”

Emily R. Benner
“British Imperil Identities: An Analysis of the Upper and Lower Classesin Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper and The Times, 1892 and 1899”

Janelle Diethelm
“Housing America: The President’s House and American Values”

Andrew J. Glod
“Andrew Carnegie: A Business Philanthropist”

Derek Gonano
“Internal Streif of the NAACP: The Power Struggle of Walter White and W.E.B. Debois”

Sean P. Griffin
“The Modernization of the People’s Liberation Army: The Relational Evolution Between Party, Military, and State in Twentieth Century China”

Zada Johnson
“Fashion on the Feminine Frontier: The Clothing and Fashion of American Pioneer Women from1875-1885 and its Discussion in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House”

Elizabeth Keene
” ‘Holocausts of Herself’: The life of Varina Howell Davis, First Lady of the Confederacy”

Ainsworth Kerr
“Let’s Laugh at Bondage: An Exploration of Comedic Servitude in Plautus and Shakespeare”

Alana Marchetti
“Creating a Wicked Queen: The Misconceptions of Marie Antoinette”

Marla Rogers
“The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn”

Amy Sapalio
“A Move Towards a More Complete Truth: Complexities of World War II”

Margaret A. Topel
A Family of Witches: The Towne Family and Witchcraft Accusations in Seventeenth Century Massachusetts

Stephanie L. Zellers
“Social Justice and Great Tragedy: Greek Society and Plays that Represent their Lives”

Fall 2011

Benjamin S. Biddle
“The Last Son of Rome: Constantine XI Dragas and the Fall of Constaninople”

Kevin Brazda
“A City without Order: Violent American Masculinity in the Dirty Harry Series, 1960’s – 1970’s”

Mary Ellen Costello
“Ziegfeld: A Hidden Theatrical History”

Tyler Dreiblatt
“The Crusades and Their Effects on the Jews”

Nathan Ehrmann
“The Democratization of Post-Facist Italy: How Allied Policies and Goals during their Occupation of Italy Created the Base for a Democratic Future”

Amy Frake
“Language Reform is Not a Dinner Party: The Evolution of Language, Literacy, and Identity in China”

Shane Gallocher
“Bringing Swords to a Gunfight: Hand-to-Hand Combat in the Battles of Breitenfield and Lutzen”

Heather Nilson
“No Such Thing as a Teenager: Female Adolescent Rebellion in Colonial New England”

Courtney E. Rice
“What a ‘Peace’ of Work: A Cultural Commentary on America’s Tribal Love-Rock Musical”

Forrest M. Smith
“Count Stephen of Blois: Victim of History”

Henry Wade
“Fort Presque Isle: ‘A Chain of Events'”

Alicia Watts
“From Dresses to Flight Suits: The Story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II”

Quinn D. Wright
“Awakening for Modern Democracy: Discretionary Power and the Modern Executive”

Spring 2011

Jessica L. Boyle
“The Internal Division of the American Catholic Church: The Effects of Vatican II, Humanae Vitae, and Roe V. Wade on the Church in the United States”

Kathleen M. Creehan
“Taking the “Middle Road”: Katharine Hepburn and the Power of Ambiguity”

Matthew Darrow
“Robin Hood: A Character with Many Contemporary Reflections”

Kevin M. Dietrick, Jr.
“Conformity, Ideology, and Obedience: The Life of Rudolph Hoess: Commandant of Auschwitz

JeVon N. Hatcher
“The Sexual Climate for a New Negro: Countee Cullen, Same-Sex Desire and Racial Representation During the Harlem Renaissance”

Stephen A. Krivonak
“Stalin’s Great Purge: A Man with a Plan”

Andrew G. Martin
“Bolshevik Nationality Policy: Inconsistencies and Adaptation, 1917-1924”

Sara Meyer
“Diana Vreeland: Fashion Empress and American Legend”

Zachary J. Nichols
“Nazi Wartime Propaganda: Joseph Goebbels’ Perception of the Vilification of the Other In the Pursuit of Establishing the Third Reich”

Jennifer Shad
“Culture Clash at Cajamarca”

Rachel Smith
“Marriage in the U.S.A: A History of Heteronormativity”

Barry Stoddart
“The Cultural Conquest of Ireland”

Michelle Welker
“The Duel Life of William Penn”

Greg Wilson
“Intelligence Problems in Case Study: The Cuban Missile Crisis”

Fall 2010

Nicholas S. Balzer
“The Development of 18th and Early 19th Century Slave Communities and Societies in the Southern United States”

Claire R. Berkley
“Translating Mexica to Mexico”

Catherine Conway
“American Women and the Pill: Gender Roles and Sexuality in the 20th Century”

Lindsey M. DiLoreto
“The Impact of Southern Irregular Fighters On the American Civil War”

Katelyn M. Dornburg
“Sisterhood of the Revolution: Friendships between Women in Revolutionary New England as Embodiments of the Ideals of the New Republic, 1750-1800”

Hannah Dunlop
“Antoinette: Death By Public Image”

Alexia L. Kime
“Resistantes: Women’s Contributions to Resistance in France During World War II”

Brittnay J. Leonard
“Discovering a Belief in Fiction: How Sherlock Holmes Reflected and Shaped the Social and Spiritual Crises of London’s Middle Classes in the Late Victorian Era”

Anne E. Nybo
“Manipulating the Margins: The Social and Historical Relevance of Jane Austen’s Widow Figures”

Bryan D. Sciulli
“Different Democracies: The Frontier Thesis, Pragmatism, and the Identity of America”

Nicholas A. Zapadka
“Rising Up Against Hell: The Revolt of the 12th Auschwitz Birkenau Sonderkommando”

Spring 2010

Lauren C. Birsic
“A Social Worker’s Struggle Against Patriarchy: Causes and Solutions of the Gendered Violence During the Partition of British India in 1947”

Christopher N. Elnicki
“The Power of the Black Press: The Significance of the Pittsburgh Courier, 1935-1945”

Kelby E. Grimm
“Maya Collapse: An Analysis”

Ashton S. Kinney
“Otto Ohlendorf and Superior Orders”

John A. Knapp
“Communication Technology and the United State Supreme Court’s Untraceable Problem of Obscenity”

Joshua A. Lebovitz
“Stalinist Terror and the Common Person: The Roles of Victim and Perpetrator”

Adam S. Napora
“Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: The Development of Armed Resistance Through the Coping Strategies and Motivations of the Jewish Youth Movement”

Thomas J. Salopek
“Muhammad Ali: A Divided America in the 1960s and Early 1970s”

Crystal L. Smith
“Breaking and Entering: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, 19th Century Female Novelists, Propaganda War over Slavery”

Rodney K. Still
“The S.S. Einsatzgruppen: A Manifestation of State Sponsored Terrorism on the Eastern Front: 1941 – 1943”

Elizabeth A. Tuttle
“Legacy of Empire in Africa’s Great Lake Region”

Gregory M. Waples
“An American Tragedy: A History of Political Corruption in Pennsylvania and the Case Study of State Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer”