Engineering Cooperative Programs

Five engineering programs entail three years at Allegheny and further study—usually two years—at a cooperating institution. At the conclusion of study, the student receives a bachelor’s degree from Allegheny and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the cooperating institution. Programs have been arranged with the following institutions:

  • Case Institute of Technology at Case Western Reserve University
  • Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering
  • Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science

Most programs require that students maintain a “B” average overall and in the sciences. For these universities, acceptance to the cooperating institution is contingent upon the recommendation of the student’s major department at Allegheny. For some of the engineering departments, enrollment is limited by the engineering school. Similar arrangements may be made with engineering programs at other institutions with the approval of the faculty.

An alternative cooperative program with Columbia provides for earning the bachelor’s degree at Allegheny in the usual four years and the Master of Science in Engineering degree after two additional years at Columbia. This program requires substantial academic performance in Allegheny coursework and is available in most engineering fields. Students should consult with the advisor in their major field and with Professor Willey of the Physics Department for specific program requirements.