Natural Science Lab Courses

Spring, 2016

Graduation from Allegheny requires eight credits in the Natural Science division, including four credits of science with laboratory. Please note that not all courses offered by the Environmental Science department count as Natural Science courses! Consult the first page of the “Environmental Science” section of the Academic Bulletin for a list of courses that do count for Natural Science distribution.

The introductory courses below will be offered in Spring, 2016, and satisfy the lab component of the Natural Science requirement. These courses have no prerequisites unless otherwise noted.

Biology 078  The Biology of Behavior (designed for non-majors)

Chemistry 110 Principles of Chemistry I (pre- or co-requisite: MATH 158 or MATH 160)

Computer Science 111 Introduction to Computer Science I

Geology 110 Physical Geology

Physics 020 Introductory Astronomy. Students may not receive credit for both Physics 020 and Physics 129.

Physics 101 Fundamentals of Physics I (pre- or co-requisite: MATH 158 or MATH 160 or permission of instructor)