Fall 2022 Registration Update

The All-College Change Period for Fall 2022 will begin on Monday, August 1. Students will be able to register for up to 20 credits at that time.

The Overload Form will open on Monday, August 29.

  • Registration for more than 20 credits requires advisor approval; please complete the Overload Approval Form, which will then be sent to your advisor(s). You may need to meet with your advisor before they can approve the overload. They may also deny the overload.
  • Registration for 22 or more credits requires both your advisor’s approval and permission from the Registrar, who will review the information on the Overload Approval Form along with your academic record and will assess your level of preparedness for the requested overload. You may be required to meet with the Registrar in person, and permission for course overloads may be denied.

Add Authorization will be required for adding courses beginning on Tuesday, August 30.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office (registrar@allegheny.edu) if you have questions about registering for Fall.