Grade Change Form (Faculty Use Only)

Faculty may use this form to request a grade change. Faculty ONLY may complete this form, not students.

Faculty Request for Grade Change

By Faculty vote, changes in course grades are allowed only: (a) in the case of a demonstrable mathematical error in the compilation or recording of a grade; or (b) in the case where documented, extraordinary, extenuating circumstances are brought to the instructor after the deadline for grade submission. Such circumstances brought to the instructor prior to the deadline for grade submission should be evaluated according to the policies for “Grades of Incomplete” or “Withdrawals for Extenuating Circumstances.” All such grade changes must be approved by the Provost.

A student with questions about their evaluation in a course is expected to consult with the faculty member instructing the course. If further consultation is necessary, the student may address the matter with the chair of the academic department or program in which the course is offered. If the faculty member instructing the course is also the chair of the academic department or program, then the student should consult the Provost and Dean of the College.

Grade changes must be requested within sixty days of the date that the final grade was posted to WebAdvisor. However, grades cannot be changed after a student’s degree has been posted and they have graduated.