Center for Language and Culture (CLC)

In Fall 2020, the Center for Language and Culture (CLC) is offering self-directed study in American Sign Language (ASL), Level I (WLC 100).

Please read the information below before deciding whether to apply to take ASL.

How Does Self-Directed Study Work?

Allegheny’s ASL courses are not regular classroom courses. They are language courses offered under a self-instructional format that involves the extensive use of recorded media.

What Are The Criteria For Success In This Type Of Study?

  • Very high motivation — a burning desire to learn the language.
  • Self-discipline and good study habits: be able to spend at least two hours per day (12-15 hours per week) in concentrated study.
  • A high threshold of boredom: the ability to stick to mechanical, repetitive drill and memorization for extended periods.
  • An academic average of B (3.0) or better.
  • Evidence of language-learning aptitude (usually shown by successful study of other languages, or high score on the Modern Language Aptitude Test).

What Is Required To Participate In The Program?

  • Submit an application and obtain the Center for Language & Culture Director’s permission to enroll.
  • Attend an orientation session.

Click HERE for the application or see Reese Campbell in Ruter 104 for more information.