Why can’t I register?

There are several reasons that your registration may not be accepted by WebAdvisor:

1. You are trying to register at the wrong time. Please check your Registration Letter Group and Class to make sure you are registering with the correct group.

2. You do not have your advisor’s approval to register. To find out if you have permission to register, log on to your account in WebAdvisor and click on My Profile under Academic Profile.  Scroll down to the Academic Information section. Your approval status appears in the last box of the line that begins with Advisor Name; if “Y” appears in the box, you are approved; if “N” appears, you need to contact your advisor and obtain his/her approval before you will be able to register. If you have more than one active academic advisor (e.g., because you are a double major), both advisors must approve you to register.

3. The instructor’s permission is required to add the course. These courses must be added to your schedule using Signature or Add cards.

4. Registration for the course is restricted to certain groups.  Restrictions are listed in the Restr column of the Section Selection Results page in WebAdvisor. For example, a notation of FR/SO in the Restr column for a course means that only students whose registration class is “freshman” or “sophomore” may register for that course.

5. You are trying to register for more that 18 credits. Preregistration is limited to 18 semester credit hours until all students have had their first opportunity to register. After that time, you may register for up to 20 credits. Course overloads of 21 credits or more require special approval.

6. There is a financial hold on your account. Please contact the Financial Services Office for help resolving financial holds.