Registration Schedule

Preregistration for Fall, 2014

Courses for 2014-15 listed on WebAdvisor. For additional information about Fall course offerings, please see the Course Information Page. For recent course changes and updates, see the Registrar blog.

Preregistration for the Fall, 2014, semester begins on Monday, April 7. Access is by registration class and letter code according to the schedule below. Please check your profile in WebAdvisor to confirm your correct class and letter! The date and time in the schedule are the earliest that you may register. Please make sure to consult with your academic advisor(s) before your scheduled registration time and receive permission to register – you will not be permitted to register for any classes without your advisor’s approval (double majors: both advisors must approve you to register).

Please note that preregistration is limited to a maximum of 18 credits.

Signature Cards and Add Cards.

Signature Cards will be available on Monday, April 7. They can be used for “signature courses” only. A “signature course” requires the instructor’s permission; these courses are indicated by a “Yes” in the “Sign Req” column on the “Search for Sections” screen in Webadvisor.

Add Cards will be available Monday, April 28. Add Cards allow instructors to add students to courses that are closed, have restrictions such as FR/SO only, etc. If you want to get into a course that is full or that has restrictions that make you ineligible to add the course electronically, contact the instructor and ask to be added to the waiting list – if the instructor agrees, s/he can sign you in with an Add Card starting April 28. Please note that WebAdvisor will remain open after April 28, so you will not need a card to drop a course or to add an open course that has no restrictions.

For questions about registering for Fall classes, please contact the Registrar’s Office (, 814-332-2357).

Date Starting time Registration Class Letter Group
Monday,  4/7 7:30 AM SR F
1:00 PM SR E (and F)
Tuesday, 4/8 7:30 AM SR H (and E,F)
1:00 PM SR G (and E,F,H)
Wednesday, 4/9 7:30 AM SR A (and E,F,G,H)
1:00 PM SR B (and A,E,F,G,H)
Thursday, 4/10 7:30 AM SR C (and A,B,E,F,G,H)
1:00 PM SR D (and A,B,C,E,F,G,H)
Friday, 4/11 All day All rising seniors All rising seniors
Monday,  4/14 7:30 AM JR F
1:00 PM JR E (and F)
Tuesday, 4/15 7:30 AM JR H (and E,F)
1:00 PM JR G (and E,F,H)
Wednesday, 4/16 7:30 AM JR A (and E,F,G,H)
1:00 PM JR B (and A,E,F,G,H)
Thursday, 4/17 7:30 AM JR C (and A,B,E,F,G,H)
1:00 PM JR D (and A,B,C,E,F,G,H)
Friday, 4/18 All day All rising JR (and SR) All rising JR (and SR)
Monday,  4/21 7:30 AM SO F
1:00 PM SO E (and F)
Tuesday, 4/22 7:30 AM SO H (and E,F)
1:00 PM SO G (and E,F,H)
Wednesday, 4/23 7:30 AM SO A (and E,F,G,H)
1:00 PM SO B (and A,E,F,G,H)
Thursday, 4/24 7:30 AM SO C (and A,B,E,F,G,H))
1:00 PM SO D (and A,B,C,E,F,G,H)
Friday, 4/25 All day All continuing students All continuing students