Registration Schedule

No additional changes may be made to Spring, 2016, classes at this time.

For the Fall, 2016, semester:

For information about Fall course offerings, please see the Course Information page.

For recent updates to Fall course offerings, please see the Registrar blog.

WebAdvisor will close temporarily for preregistration at 5 p.m. on April 29 so we can make final updates to the Fall schedule.

WebAdvisor will re-open on Tuesday, May 3. Add cards will also be available on May 3. Please use Add cards to register (if the instructor grants permission) for:

  • courses that are full
  • courses that have restrictions you do not meet (e.g., FR/SO only)
  • courses that require the instructor’s signature (in “Search for Sections” in WebAdvisor, these courses are designated “Yes” in the “Sign Req” column).

Please note that an Add card does not override a general registration hold (e.g., no advisor approval or a financial hold).

You can continue to add unrestricted courses that have open seats online, and you can also drop any course online. WebAdvisor will remain open for these course adjustments through the close of business on June 29.

Please note that Preregistration is still limited to a maximum of 18 credits at this time. You will be able to add additional credits in the Fall.