Module Courses (Spring 2020)

Please see below for details of 7 week courses. Module A takes place in the first 7 weeks of the semester. Module B takes place in the second 7 weeks of the semester. Please see the Academic Calendars page for specific dates.

Please consult WebAdvisor to confirm the days, times, and locations of these sections.

Module A Spring 2020

Course Short Title Faculty Name Credits
CHEM*432*A1 Current Topics in Organic Chem Ams, Mark, R. 2
COMRT*181*A0 Theatre Practicum: Production Mehler, Michael P. 1
COMRT*211*A0 Topics in Scenic Production Mehler, Michael P. 2
COMRT*214*A0 Topics in Theatre Management Yeckley, Leeann C. 2
COMRT*218*A0 Theatre Practicum: Management  Mehler, Michael P. 1
ECON*190*A1 Introduction to Bloomberg Terminals Bianco, T 2
ECON*190*A2 Introduction to Bloomberg Terminals Michaelides, M 2
GHS*510*A1 Global Health Fieldwork  Pinnow, Kenneth M. 2
GTWY*100*A1 Who Are You? Haywood, B 1
GTWY*100*A2 Who Are You? Jackson, P 1
GTWY*100*A3 Who Are You? French, L and Peterson, K 1
GTWY*300*A1 Where Are You Going? Jackson, P 1
GTWY*300*A2 Where Are You Going? Yochim, E 1
LS*190*A0 Cultural Competency Perez-Johnston, A. 1
PHYS 240 A1 Relativity Statman, David 2
PHYS*450*A1 Current Topics in Optical Phys Statman, David E. 2

Module B Spring 2020

Course Short Title Faculty Name Credits
CHEM*453*B1 Current Topics in Biochemistry Garcia, Ivelitza 2
COMRT*181*B0 Theatre Practicum: Production Mehler, Michael P. 1
COMRT*281*B0 Theatre Practicum: Management Mehler, Michael P. 1
GEO*290*B1 PA Oil & Gas Geology Carter, Kristin M. 2
INTDS*290*B0 Sexuality, Relations, and Consent Hellwarth, J and Searle-White, J 2
LS*191*B0 1st Gen Guide to Thriving in the 1st Year II Perez-Johnston, A. 1
MUSIC*109*B0 Basics of Music Notation Jurs, Claire M. 1
PHYS*430*B1 Current Topics in Biophysics Petasis, Doros T. 2