Spring 2023 Grading Is Now Open!

The deadline for ALL Spring 2023 grades to be submitted is 12:00 noon on Monday, May 15, 2023.  As usual, we will not process *any* grades until *all* grades are in, so I am confident that all of you will be on time with your grades!  We cannot begin any of our end of term processes until all grades are in.

Grading for Spring 2023 classes will take place in Self-Service. Please see here for step-by-step directions, which are also linked to the Self-Service Faculty Training Home.

Please remember to submit grades for students doing Independent Studies, Internships, and Senior Projects — the best way to make sure you have remembered everyone is to check your class rosters in Self-Service (NOT CANVAS!).

Please enter APRs associated with final grades as you usually would. Remember that there is a link to “Academic Alerts” in the “Daily Work” tab on the upper left of your screen. Submit these for students who receive any of the following grades:

If you submit an end-of-semester Honor Code report for a student, please grade that student as IN (Incomplete). Please do not submit a letter grade for an active Honor Code case.

If the student ends up being academically suspended or dismissed from the college, these APR’s and/or the IN/W forms are very helpful to the Academic Standards and Awards Committee when they review appeals.  Please submit your end-of-semester APRs by Friday, May 19, 2023.

The IN deadlines for Spring 2023 are September 29, 2023 (for student work to be submitted) and October 6, 2023 (for instructor grades to be e-mailed to registrar@allegheny.edu). IN grades related to pending Honor Code cases are not subject to these deadlines.

You can see all important registration and grading deadlines by adding the Registrar’s Google calendar to your own.

To give a student an Incomplete, please select “IN” from the drop-down grade menu.

Grades of Incomplete

Faculty stipulate grades of Incomplete (“IN”) when they believe that extenuating circumstances preclude completion of the work on time by the student. The student is responsible for providing evidence for the extenuating circumstances to the satisfaction of the faculty member, who has sole authority to grant the Incomplete. Incompletes are awarded with the expectation that the work will be completed by the student in a timely fashion. When instructors submit a grade of Incomplete, they must also submit the grade that will be awarded should no further work be submitted by the student. The instructor should formulate a plan for timely completion of the incomplete work, and this plan should be addressed in the Academic Performance Report the instructor submits explaining the Incomplete grade and specifying a tentative grade.

To give a student a grade of W for extenuating circumstances, please select “W” from the drop-down grade menu. As a reminder, here is our policy for withdrawals for extenuating circumstances:

Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances (“W”)

Thank you so much for your participation in this most important process.  We appreciate you!