Academic Progress Reports (“APR’s”)

Faculty are encouraged to submit an Academic Performance Report (“APR”) whenever they have a concern about a student’s attendance, performance, academic progress, etc.

To submit an APR for a student in one of your classes:

  • Log into WebAdvisor
  • Select “Class Roster”
  • Select the course for which the student is registered
  • Find the student in the roster listing and click the “Submit APR” link in the far-left column
  • Fill out the form and click SUBMIT

To submit an APR for an advisee:

  • Log into WebAdvisor
  • Select “My Advisees: Acad Records”
  • Select the current semester from the drop-down menu and click SUBMIT
  • Locate the student in your advisee list and select “Submit Advisor APR” from the drop-down menu for the student
  • Fill out the form and click SUBMIT