Module Courses (Fall 2021)

Please see below for details of 7 week courses. Module A takes place in the first 7 weeks of the semester. Module B takes place in the second 7 weeks of the semester. Please see the Academic Calendars page for specific dates.

Please consult Self-Service to confirm the days, times, and locations of these sections. 

FALL 2021

Module A

Course Short Title Faculty Name Credits
CHEM*119*A0 Quantitative Reasoning in Chem Ams, M 2
FRNCH*105*A2  Everyday French I Chebinou, E.  2
GEO*240*A1  Mineralogy Carter, M 2
GERMN*370*A1 Creative Writing in German Schwarz, B. 2
LS*110*A1  Committing to Excellence O’Day-Frye, E 2
LS*110*A2  Committing to Excellence Masiroff, C 2
LS*110*A3 Committing to Excellence O’Day-Frye, E. 2
MUSIC*109*A1  Basics of Music Notation Jurs, C 2
PHYS*480*A1  Curr Topics in Materials Phys Petasis, D  2
 THTR*160*A1 Intro to Stage Production Yeckley, L 2
WLC*101*A1 Culture2Culture Franz, J. 1

Module B

Course Short Title Faculty Credits
CHEM*119*B1 Quantitative Reasoning in Chem Guldan, E. 2
FRNCH*106*B2 Everyday French II Chebinou, E. 2
LS*110*B1 Committing to Excellence O’Day-Frye, E 2
LS*290*B1 Inclusive Peer Educating Hart, A. & Lang. O 2
THTR*190*B1 Evolving Karamu House Spivey, T. 2