WebAdvisor is the web portal for the college’s academic records.

Simply viewing course offerings can be done as a “Guest” without logging on. However, you will need to log on to view your personal records or to interact with the system (i.e., register for classes). Use the same user name and password that you use for Allegheny email and Sakai. If you have trouble logging on to the system, please call the Help Desk at 814-332-3768.

Preregistration for the following semester is done on-line. Please see the Preregistration page for detailed instructions.

The Academic Profile menu in WebAdvisor has the following options:

  • Grades: See your grades for all completed semesters
  • Grade Point Average by Term: See your GPA for each completed semester
  • Transcript: See an unofficial transcript (this includes all grades to date and your cumulative GPA)
  • Program Evaluation (Degree Audit): Run a degree audit to see which graduation requirements you have not yet completed
  • My class schedule: See when your classes meet and verify that you are correctly registered
  • My profile: Check your Letter Group and Class for Registration and see if your advisor has approved you to register.