Updates on Spring 2023 Registration (Students)

We are glad to see you back on campus and we look forward to the Spring semester with all of you. A few reminders and updates for the start of the semester.  If you have questions, please email registrar@allegheny.edu.

Instructions for Self-Service are located here and there are short videos here.

You can continue to adjust your schedules using Self-Service. 

  • Starting at 12:01am on Tuesday morning, January 17, ALL adds will require instructor approval via Self-Service Add Authorization. If you wish to add a course, please email the instructor so that they may approve your addition to the course.
    • If they approve you to add the course, you will see “Authorized for Add” listed under the course title in your plan.
    • Once you see that, you can register for the course via Self-Service.
    • You do not need instructor approval to drop a course.
  • Please talk to your academic advisor before making changes to your schedule.
  • Students who wish to take more than 20 credits may complete the overload form starting on Tuesday, January 17.
  • Students who wish to take classes with small overlaps in time, may complete the course conflict form at any time.
  • Students who wish to take classes Credit/No Credit may complete the Credit/No Credit form starting on Tuesday, January 17.

You can email (registrar@allegheny.edu) or call (814-332-2357) the Registrar’s Office if you have questions.