Registration for Fall 2021

On March 24, 2021 President Hilary Link shared this announcement with the Allegheny College community (please see here for the official, archived version). This means there will be no remote class options for the Fall 2021 semester.

Fall 2021 Planning Update

To the Allegheny College community:

For 206 years, Allegheny College has been a residential liberal arts college offering students the opportunity to learn in the classroom from engaged faculty. In fall 2021, we plan fully to return to this mission.

During the academic year 2021–2022, all classes will be held on campus and in person. While we have had to adapt to the pandemic with remote learning options beginning in March 2020, students and faculty alike have made it clear that in-person learning and the residential campus experience are far more effective for the engaged hands-on learning that is a hallmark of an Allegheny education. Therefore, beginning fall 2021, unless unexpected health conditions should mandate otherwise, we expect that no remote classes will be offered. Residence halls will return to regular occupancy. Athletic practice and competition will proceed per NCAA and ACHA guidelines. Beginning August 1, 2021, all administrative offices will be fully staffed, in person.

We will continue to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission on campus with directed strategies following the most current public health recommendations. After extensive consultation with our local and national experts, however, we have confidence that we can educate our students in person, safely, beginning in the fall. Our track record speaks to our ability to succeed: we have seen no transmission of the virus from employee to student, or student to employee. No Allegheny community member has had to quarantine based on classroom interactions. Additionally, all employees have been offered the vaccine; it is our expectation that by August the majority of our students will also have been offered the opportunity to be vaccinated.

More detailed information will follow, as well as a document including FAQs. In the meantime, we hope you are as excited and proud to receive this message as we are to send it. We are confident in making this announcement due to the College’s success to date in keeping our community safe while remaining open for in-person living and learning. This success is a result of the incredible efforts, dedication, and at times personal sacrifices of our students, our faculty, our staff, our families, and so many others. We thank you for all you do each and every day to make our campus and our College safer and better. Go Gators!

With all best wishes,

President Link and her Cabinet

Pre-registration for Fall 2021

The Fall 2021 schedule will be available by Tuesday, March 30.

You will be e-mailed your specific registration class and letter. Please see here for the registration schedule.

Action Items

  1. As necessary, remind yourself about how to use Self-Service. See here for detailed instructions and “how-to” videos.
  2. Log in to Self-Service.
  3. Deal with any red warning notices.
  4. Using Self-Service, plan your courses for Fall 2021.
  5. Communicate with your advisor about your plan, and get their approval to register.
  6. When your assigned day and time comes, register for classes
  7. If the course requires a “signature,” please communicate directly with the instructor. You should include your student ID in the communication. Once they have approved you, you will be able to register for the course YOURSELF.

Registration Class: Please note that Registration Class is determined by the number of credits you will have earned by the end of the semester, not when you entered Allegheny; for example, you may think of yourself as a “sophomore” because this is your second year but be eligible to register as a junior. A student is considered to be a first-year student from the date of matriculation until the semester following completion of the 28th semester hour, when the student becomes a sophomore. A student becomes a junior in the semester following completion of the 60th semester hour, and a senior in the semester following completion of the 92nd semester hour.

Please see here for additional information about special topics courses, introductory lab courses for divisional distribution, FS 102 and 201 course descriptions, etc.

Make sure to consult with your academic advisor(s) before your scheduled registration time to receive permission to register – you will not be permitted to register for any classes without your advisor’s approval (double majors: both advisors must approve you to register).

If you have previously been informed that you must declare a major and minor this semester, you must also have submitted your declaration form to be able to register.

There are a number of things that seem to cause confusion every year. I have tried to summarize them below.

  • Preregistration is limited to a maximum of 18 credits.You will be able to register for up to 20 credits in August after new, incoming first-year students register over the summer.
  • If you wish to declare a class “Credit/No Credit” you may do so starting in August. Please consult your advisor as CR/NC courses cannot be used to fulfill some College and departmental requirements. In particular, CR/NC may NOT be used to fulfill the distribution requirements for students who entered the College in Fall 2016 or after.
  • If you need to register for a double senior project, please follow these directions.
  • If you are unable to register, there may be some sort of hold on your account. Please consult this page for suggestions.

If you have questions about registering for Fall, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or 814-332-2357.

Good luck.