Module B Classes for Spring 2020

Module B, the second seven week term of the Spring semester, starts on Tuesday 3 March. If you are looking for additional credits, or an engaging classroom opportunity, please consider one of the following courses. The complete list is available here. Not all classes are suitable for all students and some classes have pre-reqs or other conditions. If you have questions or to enroll, please contact the instructors listed here.

  • LS 190 The Art of Leadership

    The course is an exploration of the complexities of leadership and an opportunity to discover one’s own individual leadership style. There is more that goes into fostering good leadership than what one often sees. In this class, students learn how to build and manage effective teams, how to motivate and supervise individuals, how to negotiate, and how to manage conflict. Students will also learn to identify toxic leadership and how to remove and prevent it. In this class, students will explore how to effectively use the leadership techniques they already possess, and cultivate new ones which they will use throughout their life. This will be taught as a seven-week course.

  • FRNCH 106 Everyday French 2

    A Module B course offering a continued introduction to French language and culture, given concurrently with the second half of FRNCH 110. May be taken for credit after successful completion of FRNCH 110 with permission of instructor. This will be taught as a seven-week course. Prerequisite: FRNCH 105 or appropriate score on placement test.

  • GEO 290 PA Oil & Gas Geology

    A study of Pennsylvania’s oil and gas geology, students explore the development of the commonwealth’s petroleum industry through lectures and classroom activities; study and apply common geologic concepts and methods used to assess an oil or gas reservoir’s potential; and consider the economic impact (past, present and future) of petroleum hydrocarbons on both the state and national economies.
    Prerequisite: ENVSC 110 or GEO 110 or GEO 190

  • LS 191 1st Gen Guide to Thriving in the 1st Year II

    A continuation of the module B course LS 191 from Fall 2019, Thriving in the first year as a first-generation college student. Students process their experiences as a first-generation college student, reflect upon the first year and determine what worked and what didn’t. Students define their successes throughout the first year and discuss what to expect and how to make any necessary changes to their current behaviors to continue to achieve success into the second year. This will be taught as a 7-week course. Must be taken Credit/No Credit Only
    Prerequisites: LS 191, Thriving in the First Year as a First-Gen

  • LS 591 Calculus Coaching

    Students who are taking MATH 140, 141, 151, or 152 this semester are invited to sign up for the Module B version of Calculus Coaching. This 1-credit course will provide students with individualized support, helping them to strengthen their mathematics study habits and their foundation in topics prerequisite to calculus.

  • MUSIC 109 Basics of Music Notation

    An introduction to the essential skills of reading and writing traditional Western music notation. Topics include durational values, meter signatures, staves, clefs, pitch names, and accidentals. This may be taught as a seven-week course.