Davies Community Service Leaders Program

Lew and Ellie Davies
Lew and Ellie Davies

Since the program started in 2004, dozens of Davies Community Service Leaders have worked at Meadville area non-profit agencies.

The Davies Community Service Leader Program is a unique internship program based on the life experience of J. Llewellyn (“Lew”) Davies, Allegheny class of 1940. Lew worked his way through Allegheny College, and, as a result of his connection with Meadville, returned after his service during World War II. He was a successful businessman and community leader, as well as an active alumnus and trustee of the College until his death in 2003.

Established in 2004, the program allows Allegheny College students to work in a meaningful way with local organizations. Civic Engagement, within the Allegheny Gateway, coordinates and supervises the student-to-agency partnerships while seeking to help local organizations expand their impact on the community. Each Davies Leader undertakes a substantive project, program, or initiative that might not otherwise be possible for his or her agency.

Meadville logo no backgroundThe Davies Community Service Leader Program is an exceptional program that integrates Allegheny students into organizations across the Meadville area for the course of a full academic year or summer. Distinct from other service-learning programs, Davies Community Service Leaders do not simply work as volunteers, but rather collaborate as active partners with community organizations on unique projects. One of the many goals of the Davies Program is to work towards furthering the Allegheny tradition of campus-community partnership and civic engagement.

The Davies Community Service Leader Program is funded by the family of Lew Davies and gifts made to the College in his memory. Each year, Civic Engagement seeks proposals for specific projects and programs that are worthy of funding. Projects that will have the capacity to mobilize other student volunteers are particularly appealing. Local organizations sponsoring Davies Community Service Leaders will be expected to help the college evaluate the success of the program.

Under this effort, students jointly selected by the College and the community organizations will be given a stipend to work 8 to 10 hours per week. At the option of the student, the Davies family, Gateway staff and the organization, internships during the academic year can be continued through the summer for 300 hours of service. In addition, the Allegheny Gateway will provide ongoing support and training for students in the program to help build their leadership capacity and to assure that the program meets the goals of both students and organizations involved.