Fall 2013- Spring 2014



Davies Program Coordinator: Lauraolivia M. O’ Campo
Santa Ana, CA
    Graduating Class: Allegheny ’13
        Major: Psychology and Spanish

Chelsey Gooch pic

Name: Chelsey Gooch
Hometown: Claysville, Pennsylvania
Graduating Class: 2015
Major/Minor: Neuroscience/ Philosophy
Davies Site: Meadville Council on the Arts (MCA)

I wanted to become a Davies Leader because I see the importance in forging bonds between Allegheny students and citizens of the greater Meadville area.  I enjoy participating in meaningful volunteer work in the communities I call home, and I wanted to become more involved in Meadville.  The Davies Community Service Leaders Program particularly appeals to me because of its mission to blur the line between the college and the surrounding community and to engage students in project-based initiatives as collaborators with community organizations rather than simply as volunteers.  This collaboration is vital in strengthening the bonds within the larger community.  Working with the Meadville Council on the Arts, I hope to develop a better sense of professionalism while supporting efforts to help people in the community become immersed in the arts.  The MCA strives to bring the arts to life in Meadville, and I am proud to be part of this effort.  Currently, I work primarily toward finding grants for the MCA to fund its summer arts program for children.                        


Mikaela Pope picName: Mikaela Pope
Austin, Texas
Graduating Class:
Biology/ Religious Studies
Davies Site:
Crawford County Convention
and Visitors’ Bureau

I joined the Davies Program because it enables me to immerse myself in Meadville as an engaged citizen of the community I now call home.  A passion of mine is found in community involvement and the Davies Program is a perfect opportunity to fulfill this passion. Allegheny College and the city of Meadville greatly impact the life of every gator on campus, and I hope to be able to give back and have the same impact on this college and city that it has on me!  I’m working with the Crawford County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, creating the company’s gift shop website.



wp-testName: Paige Slaughter
Hometown: San Mateo, California
Graduating Class: 2014
Major/Minor: Philosophy/Spanish; Values, Ethics and Social Action
Davies Site: Project O.N.E.; Meadville Market House

I wanted to become a Davies Leader to enhance my relationship with Meadville by becoming involved in the programs that are strengthening the community and become a part of their continued success. I knew I couldn’t graduate from Allegheny without spending a summer in Meadville, and my interest in community development made the Davies program a perfect match for me. Working with Project ONE, I hope to create a stronger connection between students and the summer’s Bounty community-supported agriculture program, so that local farmers maintain a reliable market for their produce, and senior citizens can continue receiving subsidized CSAs. I also hope to further develop the Back to Basics program so that these volunteer-based cooking classes can continue throughout the year. I am certainly expecting to grow as an individual and as a community member through my involvement in Project ONE, as just in my first few days as a Davies Leader I have gained a better understanding of community-supported agriculture as well as a deeper appreciation for the work community members are doing to ensure that healthy lifestyles are available to everyone. Healthy communities begin with healthy bodies, and Project ONE exemplifies the civic vitality that comes from sustainable farming practices and communal support, and because of the Davies program I am able to contribute to its continued success.


kevin Crooks picName: Kevin Crooks
Hometown: Washington, Pennsylvania
Graduating Class: 2015
Biology/Global Health and VESA
Davies Site: Crawford County Heritage Foundation

I decided to join the Davies Program because I believe that long-term commitments to service can really make a big difference in a community.  My main goal for my site this year is to finish the Crawford County Vital Signs program that I began over the summer.  I expect that working in this professional environment and interacting with donors will increase my professional skills throughout this academic year.  My work at the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation works with the Davies Program ideals because the civility that is transmitted from our Foundation to the citizens of Meadville contributes not only monetary but personal connections.


autumn vogel picName: Autumn Vogel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Graduating Class:
Psychology/ VESA Double Major
Davies Site:
Chamber of Commerce

I joined the Davies program because I felt compelled to involve myself more deeply in the Meadville community through service. I hope that through my time at the Chamber of Commerce I can contribute to fostering economic growth in Meadville and can help to bridge the gap between Allegheny College and the Meadville Community. I will be assisting the Chamber in planning their many events, including the upcoming Media Auction, awards dinner, and annual golf outing. I will also be coordinating the third “Meet Your Neighbor” Local Business Showcase- a job and internship fair featuring local employers to be held on Allegheny’s campus in the spring semester. I hope that through my service I can encourage Allegheny students to become more active citizens in the city of Meadville and aid the Chamber in fostering a sense of community that encourages its members to take pride in the town, therefore contributing to civic renewal and vitality that is central to the Davies Program.


LindseyName: Lindsey Shampoe
Hometown: Edinboro, Pennsylvania
Graduating Class: 2015
Major/Minor: Political Science/Psychology and Writing
Davies Site: Active Aging

 I decided to join the Davies Program because I was interested in having an internship this summer where I could experience what working in a non-profit environment is like, since it’s an area I’m interested in after Allegheny. One thing that people caution you about when you mention an interest in non-profits is that the workplace can be hectic. And Active Aging is no exception, as it plans to fill the summer with activities and events like the Healthy Speakers Series, a picnic, and a Silver Sneakers program. I am helping to plan and coordinate all of these events and more at my Davies site. Through the Davies Program, Active Aging gets an extra hand to help them serve the senior population of Meadville and keep them engaged in the community through special events.


tiffany ng picName: Tiffany Ng
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Graduating Class: 2014
Major/ Minor: Political Science and Spanish
Davies Site: Meadville Area Recreation Complex

My interest in the Davies position is rooted in my desire to learn about the role of service in striving for social justice in the Meadville and the wider Pennsylvania community.  Over the years, I have grown to value the Allegheny principle of “people over project” in community building. I believe the first step to social change is to reach a deeper level of understanding and respect for one’s community and that is why I look forward to working with experienced leaders in Meadville. For my Davies project, I will be working on projects that ensure the long term sustainability and accessibility of the Meadville Area Recreation Complex so that families can strive to be healthy together.  One of these projects will include developing plans for an on-site community garden.


Wendy Martinez picName: Wendy Martinez
Hometown: Santa Ana, California
Graduating Class: 2015
Major/Minor: International Studies/English
Davies Site: Crawford Historical Society

My mentor is someone who means the world to me. He has helped me in countless ways and through him I have learned that some of the most important life accomplishments are those in which you dedicate your time and effort in something other than yourself. To me, the Davies Program, would allow me to follow in my mentor’s footsteps. The Davies Program is my way to give back. I hope this year I am able to help finish a project that can be used to help people. I am currently researching for Mr. Dave Roncolato and Ms.  Elizabeth Rekas’s book which focuses on the 200 year old history of Meadville’s and Allegheny College’s relationship depicted by people’s encounters. I love this project because I love researching and history; thus, I feel that I will have a great opportunity to grow. One of the largest components of this project is time management. Thus, as I balance this research along with my academics and other curricular activities, I think this will prepare me with my future as I learn to balance my professional and personal life. I will also learn how to do an extensive research and what makes a great research, which will help prepare me for my comp project and future research endeavors. This research, which will later be molded into a book, has as its core the idea of understanding civic vitality. By exploring the relationship between Allegheny College and Meadville it demonstrates the participation between Meadville citizens and the creation and preservation of Allegheny College within this community.


Nancy Navarrete picName: Nancy Navarette
Hometown: Santa Ana, California
Graduating Class: 2014
Major/Minor: Spanish/ Economics
Davies Site: Meadville YMCA

It has always been one of goals to commit myself into helping and interacting with low-income communities. Upon my arrival at Allegheny College I noticed the passion that the students had for service and their commitment to working with the Meadville community. Throughout my three years in Allegheny I have dedicated my time to volunteering and working with the members of the Meadville community. This year I decided to work with one of the organizations in Allegheny whose goal is to help the Meadville community by working together with the people. I chose to work with the Davies Community Service Leader Program because I knew it would not only allow me to pursue my passion for service but it will improve and teach me new ways to better interact with the members of the community. I am currently focusing in working with the youth of the community at the Meadville Family YMCA. This year I will be assisting Ms. Laura Singo with the planning of the annual Halloween Party and the Healthy Kids Day. Through my site I will have more interaction with the youth and adults of the Meadville community. I will not only learn how to coordinate programs that will bring the community together but I will learn better ways to do so.


charles mosca picName: Charles Mosca
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Graduating Class: 2015
Major/Minor: Psychology/ English
Davies Site: Wesbury

Hi, my name is Charles Mosca and I am a Davies leader. I was first approached to join the program by Laura O’ Campo, who knew very well of my love of serving others. The idea of working on a service project that could possibly assist the Meadville community as a whole really excited me. I love committing myself to service and uplifting those around me. Seeing the smiles on those who had been struggling for so long, helps build up my own character and creates happiness within myself. I have a dream of saving the world and I believe that Davies program is a fantastic place to start. The site I am currently working at is the retirement community of Westbury. For this site my goals are to recreate a general service relationship between the college and Westbury, while creating a program to help Westbury residents relieve chronic pain.  The major project that I am working on with my service site is a series of health programs that will help the elderly relieve lower back pain, in a pleasurable and entertaining way. I hope to work on many more projects like this during the school year. I expect that my knowledge and skill in health and fitness, a topic which I love, will grow and prepare me for the art of personal training. I will assist in helping others to become the strongest versions of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.  I believe that supporting the people of Westbury will renew Meadville’s relationship with the college and inspire others to take part in the Davies program while relishing in the passions of duty altruism and love.


Alyssa King pic

Name: Alyssa King
Hometown: Saxonburg, Pennsylvania
Graduating Class: 2016
Major/Minor: International Studies & French Double Major
Davies Site: United Way of Western Crawford County

At first I joined the Davies program because I wanted to become acquainted with Meadville through service learning. I achieved this goal while working as a Davies leader this past summer. I learned that Meadville is a community filled with generous individuals. I continuously meet new people in the community who are dedicated to a cause. This program allows me to be dedicated to my own cause while also building new relationships. The individuals I have met continue to make me push myself to work harder and become more generous. The Davies program has given me the opportunity to become immersed in a type of service that I was previously unfamiliar—fundraising. As a member of the UWWCC staff, I continue to learn the importance of the organization’s role in Meadville. All proceeds from the events fundraised are redistributed to our partners in the Crawford County area. My work with UWWCC has given me well-rounded, professional experiences. My thanks to the Davies family and program.


Sophia KlancherName: Sophia Klancher
Stauton, Virginia
Graduating Class:
Davies Site:
Child to Family Connections

I decided to join the Davies Program because I wanted to be part of a community that was interested and engaged in community service and connecting with people and organizations in Meadville. Community service is an important thing to me and I wanted to be involved in that. This year I will be working on getting to know people in the Meadville and connecting them with organizations in the community that they are interested in joining. I am also working on making a float for the Halloween parade right now. I think this year I will see growth in my personal and professional skills because I will get more job experience and more opportunities to meet a diverse group of people who I can learn a lot from. I look forward to learning as much as I can and helping others during this experience.



Name: Becca Gallup
Hometown: Rochester, New York
Graduating Class: 2015
Major Minor: Studio Art/Psychology
Davies Site: The Academy Theatre

I decided to join the Davies program because I have a firm belief that service is the foundation of learning about yourself and your community. This summer at the Academy Theatre, I hope to learn more about theater and mold my creative abilities around the performing arts. Currently, my time is devoted to the production Spamalot, but for the rest of the summer I will be assisting with a children’s theatre camp in July. I also will work closely with both the Managing and Creative directors. With the work I will be doing at the Academy Theatre, I hope to develop a further sense of professionalism as well as becoming more adaptable to challenges. The Academy Theatre is a historical building that has brought Meadville together for productions since 1885. As said in the mission statement, the Academy Theatre strives “to develop artistic appreciation and serve the cultural, social and educational needs of an expanding audience.” I believe that my work will not only represent the mission statement but I believe that it will help with the restoration of an artistic culture in Meadville.