Stephen (Steve) Davies

For 30 years, Steve has been part of the senior leadership team for Project for Public Spaces in New York City and has become nationally acclaimed for his work in urban revitalization. He is now Senior Vice-President of the organization.

Steve is committed to involving communities in planning public spaces, and has developed a special expertise in public markets and farmers markets, providing assistance to scores of communities starting new markets and expanding existing ones all over the world. In 2008, he completed a grant program funded by the Ford and Kellogg Foundations to help make markets more community-centered. He has also led the development of an extensive research program on transit and livable communities, and developed a training program for five state departments of transportation on making streets more pedestrian and community friendly.

steve daviesSteve’s work has taken him internationally as well. He initiated an innovative Placemaking program in the Czech Republic to revitalize public spaces in historic towns, and has expanded this work to Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

A frequent speaker, Steve has led workshops to audiences such as transportation agencies, public market advocates and hundreds of professional and community groups. He has co-authored and written many books and articles and received innumerable awards and honors.

An accomplished cellist, he plays with the Riverside Orchestra in New York. Steve lives in the historic Cobble Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, where he tends to a needy c.1860 brownstone. He graduated from Meadville Area Senior High School and went on to receive his BA in Art and Environmental Studies from Williams College. He received his Masters in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley.